Welcome Writers and Readers!

Welcome to our anthology from our 2014 summer session of the Young Writers Institute! Please feel free to browse, read, and leave our writers some encouraging comments. Please note that all comments are moderated and will not appear immediately. Use the search below to find specific writers or hover the links above for a drop down list.

This summer Westmoreland kicked off its first Young Writers Institute! Forty-three writers from 4 different districts experienced the fun of putting pen to paper with inspirational writing activities from day one of our two weeks together. Guest writer Louise Sturgess, the Director of the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, gave us a whole new way to think about architectural landmarks. We sketched and wrote utilizing personification to become our landmark of choice. Joan McGarry, Director of Education at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, led us through an inquiry approach to thinking and writing about art in an engaging and thought provoking writing session. Julie Martin, from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review “cut-up” poetry with us as we utilized newspapers as a mode to finding our voices through poetry. In our Writing Marathon we found inspiration on the grounds of the Franklin Regional school campus. We found our stories hiding in the shade of a tree, swinging on a swing, sitting in the bleachers on the football field, and lying on the lawn surrounding the baseball diamond.
Our time together passed all too quickly. We culminated our experience with a Read Around Celebration. Our family and friends gathered to listen to a tasting collage of our favorite pieces.
Thank you to our all-star staff of Brittany Fidazzo, Danielle Hoge, and Stephanie White for their dedication to excellence, talent, and expertise. Thanks also to our student intern, Paige Pristas.
Please enjoy a sampling of the work that our young writers composed, revised, edited and chose to include in our 2014 digital anthology. We hope we’ve honored your writing experience and we look forward to seeing you back next year!
~Valerie Piccini, Westmoreland YWI Director

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